Our Mission

The Ideas Institute was founded in the twilight of 2021, with a view to creating a home for critical thought. 

Its mission is to make a public commitment to the values of the enlightenment: liberty, tolerance, universal rights and rationalism. Our work is intended to encourage independent thought, and to give a voice to less “mainstream” opinions. We believe democracy functions best when people are free to “agree to disagree”.

To that end, we seek to:

  • Drive critical thinking and intellectual curiosity by publishing articles and curating commentary and interviews
  • Foster public discussion through organized debates and lectures
  • Stimulate and further decentralize learning by promoting novel curricula and ways of learning
  • Foster scholarship in support of civil society by means of grants and bursaries to the next generation of thinkers

The Ideas Institute does not engage in partisan activities, nor is it aligned with any political parties. 

Views expressed here are the views of the authors alone, and do not necessarily constitute endorsement by any affiliated members.